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The price of Supreme Court Judgments e-book is Rs. 5,000/=. Full Text of all SC Judgments (41,000 cases 2,50,000 printed pages) with very powerful search facility at Rs. 5,000/= is life time opportunity.

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Many users have written to us about the powerful search engine provided by the e-book. The advocates were very happy that first time they are able to get a e-book where they can enter the case details in plain English and the e-book provides the list of relevant Supreme Court Judgments with relevancy score.

The relevancy score can be interpreted as follows:

100% - Fully Relevant
75% and above but less than 100% - Highly Relevant
50% and above but less than 75% - Reasonably Relevant
25% and above but less than 50% - Relevant
10% and above but less than 25% - Slightly Relevant
Less than 10% - Hardly Relevant

The relevancy score is not absolute but gives a reasonable indication.

The users have sent some cases which we are displaying here for the benefit of our readers.

First Case:

Second Case:

Third Case:

Users of the e-book and Readers are invited to comment on the facility of getting relevant judgment with relevancy score.

P L Patodia, Excellent Software

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